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Janaki has published a book Gamification at Work: Designing Engaging Business Software. She is an active blogger. She is an inventor on 21 intellectual property patents for innovative user experience.



01 | Gamification at Work

  • A free version of my book Gamification at Work is available online at Interaction Design Foundation.

  • If you like it, please leave a positive review on Amazon. I very much appreciate it.



Designing the Future we Want — Tech Trends from #SXSW2018

At the SXSW 2018 Interactive conference, it certainly felt like the future is already here. Exploring the hallways, speaking to other attendees, and digging into the vast lineup of session topics spurred a reflection of past key trends, societal impacts of current tech trends, and what we can do now to design the future we want...

Human Impact of Biased AI in Business

As Andrew Ng, adjunct professor at Stanford, describes it, “AI is the next electricity, and there is no going back.” Just as electricity has changed many industries since it was introduced, so will AI. Therefore, it is important for individuals and businesses to understand this powerful technology, to ask the right questions, and to make the right tradeoffs. A thoughtful, intentional approach will lead us beyond AI’s downsides, and toward a better future.

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Gamification at Work: Designing Engaging Business Software, Interaction Design Foundation, Janaki Kumar, Mario Herger

User Experience Management, Essential skills for leading Effective UX teams by Arnie Lund, contributed to a sidebar on Mergers and Acquisitions in the book


Conference Publications

CHI 2014 Panel, Design methods for the future that is now, Are disruptive technologies disrupting our design

   methodology? Karen Holtzblatt, Ilpo Koskinen, Janaki Kumar, David Rondeau, John Zimmerman

HCII 2014, Humanizing the enterprise, Delivering Best In Class User Experience To Business Software Users, in the

   Paper session UX is the key to successful Customer Experience

CHI 2013 Panel, Gamification at Work - Janaki Kumar (moderator), Mario Herger, Sebastian Deterding, Scott Schnaars,

   Matt Landes, Erika Webb

CHI 2013 Panel, UX Management: Current and Future Trends - Janice Rohn (moderator), Kathy Baxter, Catherine

   Courage, Janaki Kumar, Carola Thompson, Steve Rogers

CHI 2013 Panel, Leveraging the Progress of Women in the HCI Field to Address the Diversity Chasm - Susan M. Dray,

   Anicia N. Peters, Anke Marei Brock, Andrea J. Peer, Shikoh, Gitau, Pamela Jennings, Janaki Kumar, Dianne Murray

CHI 2012 Panel, Women in UX Leadership in Business - Janaki Kumar - SAP Labs, USA, Dan Rosenberg - SAP Labs,

   USA, Catherine Courage - Citrix Systems, USA, Janice A Rohn - Experian, USA, Lisa Kamm - Google, Inc, USA, Lisa

   Anderson - Microsoft, USA, Christine Holsberry - Facebook, Inc, USA, Apala Lahiri Chavan - human factors

   international, india, India

CHI 2011 - User Experience Management Post Mergers and Acquisitions - Janaki Kumar SAP Labs, LLC, Dan

   Rosenberg SAP Labs, LLC, Michael Arent SAP Labs, LLC, Anna Wichansky Oracle, Madhuri Kolhatkar Oracle, Esin Kiris

   CA, Russell Wilson CA, Arnold Lund Microsoft Corporation

HCII 2011 - Future Centered Design: Designing for Sustainable Business - Janaki Kumar, Peter Graf

CHI 2010 - Branding the Changing Enterprise – Impact of Mergers & Acquisisitions on User Experience Organizations -

   Janaki Kumar SAP Labs, LLC, Dan Rosenberg SAP Labs, LLC, Michael Arent SAP Labs, LLC, Anna Wichansky Oracle,         Madhuri Kolhatkar Oracle, Roman Longoria CA, Bob Hendrich CA, Arnold Lund Microsoft Corporation

HCII 2009 - Designing International Enterprise Software - Janaki Kumar, Daniel Rosenberg, Paul Hofmann, Michael



Journal Articles

Design leadership for mergers and acquisitions, ACM Interactions, XXI.3 May-June 2014, Janaki Kumar, Philip Haine, Michael Brown

Leading Global Teams, ACM Interactions, September 2011, Janaki Kumar, Daniel Rosenberg

Working As A Designer In A Global Team, ACM Interactions, March + April 2006

Multimodal Warehouse Application, ACM Interactions, July + August 2006, Samir Raiyani, Janaki Kumar

SAP Helps Apple Iphone Away From Bad Guys – A User Experience Perspective, SAP Design Guild, July 2011

Multimodal Warehouse Application, ACM Interactions, July + August 2006



• Rule Templates 81165199 (2004E00201 US) Filed 04142004 Granted 01272009

• Rule Preview 81165091 (2004E00092 US) Filed 02122004 Granted 05242011

• Adapt nature interactions inspired from Koi Pond ecosystem into a C-level executive dashboard, 82906757 (131390) Filed 12162013

• A graphical user interface that uses different elements from nature eco-system as basic UI elements 82879733 (131389) Filed 12162013

• Managing demand charge tariffs for electric power using cloud computing infrastructure 81173451 (2012E00101 US) Filed 06142012 patent pending

• Personal Sustainability for the Enterprise 81172454 (2011E00103 US) Filed 06082011 patent published 10142011

• E-Mail Response Management System Overview (Status Monitor) 81165406 (2004E00413 US) Filed 11032004

• Feedback System for Visual Content 81165229 (2004E00231 US) Filed 06012004 Granted 06012004

• Customized navigation bar 81165108 (2004E00109 US) Filed 10232003

• Pop-Up GUI Scratchpad 81165107 (2004E00108 US) Filed 10212003

• Coherent Categorization for Response Management 81165089 (2004E00089 DE) Filed 04122004

• Design Framework for Coherent Categorization 81165088 (2004E00088 DE) Filed 04122004 Granted 05132008

• Agent status indicator 81165029 (2004E00022 US) Filed 10242003

• Interactive chat alerts 81164971 (2003E00963 US) Filed 12162003

• Common area for a customer interaction center user interface- Broadcast Messaging 81164851 (2003E00840 US) Filed 11262003 Granted 11092007

• User Interface Persistent Context Area 81164774 (2003E00762 US) Filed 10202003 Granted 07072004

• Script Translator 81164738 (2003E00723 US) Filed 11212003

• History Breadcrumbs for a Graphical User Interface (GUI) 81164697 (2003E00675 DE) Filed 08182003 Granted 09062011

• Customization of a Supervisor's Graphical Dashboard 81164696 (2003E00674 US) Filed 08182003

• Customization of an Interaction Center Manager’s Graphical Dashboard 81164690 (2003E00668 US) Filed 08182003 Granted 11222011

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