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Innovation Culture Catalyst

There is a common misconception that innovation happens when a lone genius works in a garage and waits for a lightning bolt of inspiration to strike. However in reality, innovation happens when people from different departments work together creatively across silos to understand the customer needs and pain points and to brainstorm and test solutions.


There are many different types of innovation. Technology driven innovation, where there is a technical break through that leads to innovation. Or, a business model innovation, where the product remains pretty much the same, but the innovation is in the business aspect. And, there is also design-led innovation that starts with human values. Design-led innovation is driven by a deep understanding of customer needs, which then leads to the question, what technology and business model can we use to deliver the experience that will delight our customer?


However, design-led innovation needs a culture change. Most organizations are set up for streamlined execution, and they are not ready for a culture of creativity and innovation.



In this video, Janaki discusses these three elements of a culture of innovation--people, process, and place, the four stages of innovation culture, the barriers in each stage and how to overcome them.



Janaki and her team have conducted innovation workshops with customers to facilitate their transformation journey.



Janaki has written 3 blogs to detail her thoughts on creating a culture of innovation.

Don’t Wait, Innovate!

What is Innovation? Not everyone will agree on a precise definition of innovation, but most agree that it is more essential for organizational survival now than ever before. Companies like Blockbuster and Kodak, which went from multi-billion dollar enterprises to bankruptcy in less than a decade, provide cautionary tales to the rest of us on the importance of innovation...

What does it take to Innovate?

We like to think of innovation as being at the confluence of technical feasibility, business viability, and human values.

Innovation is a journey, not a destination

Successful design-driven companies go beyond using design as a service, and see it instead as a catalyst for culture change and as a tool to drive business strategy and innovation. However, they do not get there overnight. Creating a culture of design-led innovation is a journey that takes time and commitment.

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